Örnens Öga

Örnens Öga

Christian and Ulf are close friends of ours. They live in a cottage nearby, and Ulf helps out in our shop during the summer months. When Ulf is not helping us out at Örum 119, he works as a successful art director. Christian is a Senior Lecturer at Lund University by day, and in his spare time, he likes to fly around Skåne, using a paraglider to take beautiful pictures. Together they have created a volume of photographic work that captures Skåne from the sky.

Örnens Öga depicts familiar scenes from a different perspective, from the point of view of birds.

Many of the photos gathered in this collection illustrate the Skåne countryside, a landscape of forests and farmland, beaches and rocky terrains. In one picture, a deer pauses from its foraging to look down the lens towards the viewer. Blue flax fields are framed with chalk coloured lanes, and day trippers picnicking on rocks look skyward.

Flying at low altitudes gives Christian a more intimate relationship with nature, allowing him to capture stunning landscapes. Although the engine makes some noise, the animals are rarely disturbed, and birds of prey tend to be merely curious.

Ulf processes the photographs in a digital darkroom working with the colours and depth of the images so that the viewer can see every detail; the earth and the stones between the blades of grass, the veining on the old tree trunk, the long fur of the deer calf that moves in the wind.

More than four years of aerial photography was originally curated from almost 100,000 images into an exhibition of 50 images displayed at Christinehof Castle and now available in hardcover and printed in Malmö on Swedish environmentally certified quality paper. The photo book published in small print runs is a unique and exquisite study of Skåne, and we are thrilled to say it is now available in our shop at Örum 119.