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Our story

Anyone who visited the former school at Örum in 2002 would have encountered an ambitious boutique hotel project: Leif and Carina had realised their idea of running a superior quality hotel and restaurant surrounded by fields and farmland. Together with Anders Vendel they created Mötesplats Österlen, an iconic addition to the Scanian food scene.

We took over in 2010.


As we looked around the premises we found a larder stocked with the very best local produce: vegetables from Kåseberga, tomatoes from Ingelstorp, masses of pickled herring, chicken from Raskarum, cheeses from Vilhelmsdal and a wood-fired oven from Olof Viktor.

The only thing that was missing was freshly ground coffee, so Johan & Nyström delivered a small Probat coffee roaster that became the basis for Kafferosteriet.

We were a little apprehensive about being able to feed the hotel guests. Fine dining was out of the question.

The answer was provided by our friend and inspiration, Jan Hedh. You should make fantastic pizzas, was his advice. Said and done, we went for the best and hired Evelina who had come second in the Swedish Pizza-making contest (with a Jan Hedh recipe) using flour sourced from Valsemölle on the island of Bornholm. On this base we put salami ventricina from Di Penco in Malmö. The following year, Niklas and his family took over and brought our pizzas to a new level.

Then came Per & Tilde, and the number of customers kept on growing year by year. Thank you for the way you have looked after “the pizza”– a damned fine pizza that required a few sizes larger pants.



So we added a conservatory (and a greenhouse).

We are passionate about new projects that fit in with our concept. Ice cream has been at the top of the list for many years. We decided on Frusen Glädje and we employed Frida – we are immensely proud of our ice cream!

All through this journey we have had the pleasure of working with people who, like us, are passionate about craftsmanship and attention to detail. One especially important person is Nirvan Richter. We first worked together in the 1990s on a mountain retreat project in northern Sweden. Nirvan designed every single square centimetre. More recently, he designed our Edinburgh café and bakery.

We asked Nirvan to create a space for creative conversations at Örum – Norrgavelhuset.


Many of us have enjoyed the food at Smak in Malmö over the years, not least their salad buffet. So, when we began to think of increasing the number of pots in the kitchen at Örum, it was only natural to ask Nina (Smak and Bastard) to join us. Soniya Sjöberg had been growing vegetables for selected restaurants in Malmö. Alongside her job at the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen, she delivered fruits and vegetables to Åkern, Saltimporten, Bastard, Titti Qvarnström and others. She will now be cultivating her produce at Örum 119. The pair will be offering exciting breakfast menus made from home grown and local produce.

We have built a breakfast room and decorated it with Ingegerd Råman pots. She has also designed the “Bellman” glasses that are produced at the Skruf glassworks.

Perhaps 10 years is the perfect maturation period. So, in 2019, we are ready to reopen the restaurant that was once the home of Anders Vendel ­– Restaurang Örum 119 – now introducing another acclaimed Österlen name, Linus Persson. Linus is running the restaurant together with Pia Lasson (who, as it happens, was born in Örum). It seats 30 and the boutique countryside hotel has the same number of beds.


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