S-Garden Tool Bag

The leather bag is hand-made in a private studio, except the stitching (nylon yarn), this done with a machine. The cow leather is vegetable tanned and the light bronzed buckle is made from steel.

The leather is tanned to prevent it from being broken down by bacteria. The tanning preserves and improves the natural properties of the leather. It can be done through treatment with natural vegetable products such as bark from various trees, flowers and roots. This is known as vegetable tanning with chromium but also known as chrome tanning. Vegetable-tanned leather dates back many thousands of years. In ancient river cultures, animal hides came into contact with bark, leaves or fruit and changed so that they no longer rotted away in water and heat. Today, vegetable tanning largely involves the same system but is using more efficient methods. This gives it a natural feel, dimensional stability and a attractive patina. Vegetable-tanned leather is free from heavy metals and is biodegradable.

The focus was to produce a bag instead of a box and developing a new garden tool set with a better solution wasn’t an issue at all due to our long history. The ultimate result was a hand-made bag made of vegetable tanned cow leather, with a build-in aluminum frame (you can actually sit on the bag) and 5 hand-forged garden tools of stainless steel with a cherry wood handle. It is a limited edition made in 25 copies.

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