Secateurs 225 – Vanchetta

Modeled on the best-selling secateurs in Japan, Hidehisa Secateurs are designed for all purpose use. Ideal for pruning small branches, roses, flowers and houseplants. Its unique handle has received praise for its design where minimal effort needs to be applied for a perfect cut. This version has been wrapped in Italian Vachetta leather to give you the most comfortable secateurs you will ever hold in your hand. The more you use it, the more it will mold to your grip

Each shear is hand forged and sharpened using traditional methods. As such, each tool has its own variations and irregularity. It´s environmentally friendly, no chemicals have been used when colouring the handles. After use wipe off any water and soil and store it indoors to prevent rusting. Wiping with cutting oil (or sewing machine oil) will help protect the shears particularly if you’re planning on storing them for an extended period. These shears are incredibly sharp but if the blades require sharpening over time, have them professionally sharpened or use a whetstone.

Made in Sanjo Niigata, Japan by Toyama Hamono. A traditional shears manufacturer crafting secateurs and scissors since 1861. Based on the manufacturing methods of Japanese swords. Each tool is stamped with the characters Hidehisa which during the Edo period in Japan represented superior quality and craftsmanship and has become a Toyama Hamono signature.

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