Ingegerd Råman

Ingegerd Råman

Ingegerd Råman’s timeless and modern designs have earned her a reputation as one of Sweden’s most internationally renowned designers. Known for her streamlined ceramics and glasswork, Ingegerd has been an invaluable source of inspiration at Örum 119. Her handmade Bellman glass from Skrufs Glasbruk is a fixture in our home, as are her beautiful clay pots, and so it was a natural choice to have her pieces in our hotel and farmhouse.

”The love of food is the basis of my interest in usable things – objects you use every day,” explains Ingegerd. And it is true to say that the everyday fascinates Ingegerd. That everyday objects can have more value than a singular function. From the functionality of the handle of a teacup to the stackable natures of cups and saucers, that a saucer can become a lid to a cup to keep its liquid warm in the same way that a teapot has its own top. That beyond holding tea, cups could just as easily be containers. That pottery, glass, and porcelain made well have longevity in both style and use.

Ingegerd’s approach to every aspect of an object she crafts reflects the philosophy of the porcelain industry of Arita, a small town in the west of Kyushu, Japan. Perennially positive and with irrepressible curiosity, it is no surprise to anyone familiar with her work that Ingegerd Råman is one of just sixteen international designers selected to help revitalise the Japanese porcelain industry, which began in 1616.

A remarkable woman, Ingegerd Råman’s enthusiasm and passion for pottery is reflected in her work which has been exhibited worldwide, including at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm, and Riihimäki Museum of Glass in Finland. Added to this, a limited number of Ingegerd’s pieces will be sold in our store, including her beautiful ceramic pots.

The collaboration between Ingegerd Råman and Örum 119 is a true meeting of the minds. Our mutual understanding that ordinary objects, made well and elegantly, can be the most beautiful parts of our lives; that small things can make a big difference is what makes Ingegerd’s contribution to Örum 119 so remarkable.