Times change, but true craftsmanship always holds its value. At Örum 119, we embrace innovation but endeavour to preserve the cultures and traditions of artisans the world over. We strive to embrace this philosophy in choosing the goods we share with our visitors, so our collaboration with Sneeboer was a natural choice.

As Spring looms into sight, we are overjoyed to have the gold standard of gardening tools in our farm shop. Hand-forged, individually shaped, sharpened, and polished Sneeboer tools have developed something of a cult following.

Founded by Arie Sneeboer in 1913, the Dutch outfit originally started producing carbon steel tools for gardeners in their local area, a region abundant with farms and greenhouses growing tulips and vegetables. After WWI, Arie began crafting semi-manufactured tools for other blacksmiths, and after WWII, the Sneeboer family began experimenting with stainless steel, becoming the first company to produce hand-forged, stainless garden tools that offered the same quality as carbon-made ones.

Today, Jaap Sneeboer and Wilma Peelen lead a team of skilled blacksmiths who mix traditional hand-forging with cutting edge techniques to make handcrafted garden tools. Retaining the shape of tools conventionally employed at work or on the farm, in the garden or home, Sneeboer uses two different steel types: a high alloy variety to provide greater strength to the socket and a lower alloy type for the blade itself. The two parts are carefully welded together and hand polished to create tools professional gardeners rave about. They have earned a deserved reputation for being forgers of the highest quality garden tools available on the market today.

Sneeboer is as discerning about who they stock with as they are about their tools. We began talking to the Sneeboer family about stocking their products at Örum 119 in 2019, and so we are thrilled that this year we will start selling a wide range of their garden tools. Visit us online or in-store to discover why so many feel they are the best you will ever use.