Frusen Glädje

Frusen Glädje

We discovered Frusen Glädje decades ago and, like so many others, fell in love with the name. A cult brand, it’s now the stuff of American pop culture.

Frusen Glädjé – loosely translated as ’Frozen Joy’ – was founded in 1980 by Richard E. Smith, a third-generation ice cream maker whose father and grandfather had created successful ice cream businesses since the 1900s. Richard wanted to create a premium ice cream that sounded Swedish and evoked Scandinavia. The joyous ice cream quickly spread across the United States and into the hearts of ice cream lovers. However, when the brand was sold a few years later, it disappeared from the market altogether…until now.

At Örum 119, we believe in nurturing quality brands and products, taking raw ingredients and crafting them into something truly special. In our small ice cream workshop in Österlen, we bring together the best locally and internationally sourced ingredients to create the unique flavours of our Frusen Glädje.

We collect the freshest milk from our friends Micke & Anna and their dairy cows to make our ice cream. We add berries and currants, or maybe some fragrant geranium and elderflower. Our Pistachio ice cream has nuts sourced from Iran and Sicily. We use Madagascan and Tahitian vanilla and a little Danish sea salt. And Chocolate ice cream is made with Valrhona or Österlen chocolate.

We experiment a little at Örum 119, but taste and texture always matter. And our Frusen Glädje is always a joy.