Mikael and Anna

Mikael and Anna

We met Mikael and Anna at Quartermile, the former Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, a 19-hectare site designed by renowned architects Forster and Partners. Here, Mikael, a baker and Anna, a pastry chef, put our small Swedish bakery on the map.

”Peter’s Yard seems to have been jetted in from Planet Foodie, or, failing that, Sweden, to show us all what a really good café can be like,” mused Joanna Blythman of the Sunday Herald. ”There’s a full complement of artisan bread, all made with excellent Shipton Mill organic flour, a freezer full of lovely, natural, homemade ice creams.”

Fifteen years later, we find ourselves neighbours in Sweden. Mikael and Anna now run a family farm in Smedstorp with a dairy that produces organic milk containing 4% fat – perfect for our ice cream. We regularly travel the twenty minutes from Örum to collect their milk. In the busy summer months, we go there every day because super fresh organic dairy milk is the most important ingredient in making our ice cream.

Mikael and Anna’s farm has 350 hectares of arable land, around 550 animals from calf to cow, with 250 milking. Production remains consistent throughout the year, so that each cow produces around 10,000 kg of milk per year, feeding on meadow fodder, timothy grass and red fescue, clover and alfalfa.

A consideration for quality raw ingredients and creating food that transcends is something we have in common with Mikael and Anna. Our Frusen Glädje takes their lovingly cultivated organic milk and mixes it with the best locally and internationally sourced ingredients to the most joyous taste and texture. Together we’re showing what a really great ice cream can be like.