We love things that are well made, and we try to source as many products and fresh goods from the surrounding area as possible. Fortunately for us – and anyone with a sweet tooth who visits us – there is a nearby chocolatier.

In the summer of 2013, Fredrik and Ulrika stayed with us for a couple of nights and fell in love with Österlen. Over a cup of coffee, their lives took a turn, and before they knew it, they had bought a large 19th-century school building with a small associated praline shop called Österlenchoklad.

Leaving their life in Stockholm for a new one in the countryside, within three months, Fredrik and Ulrika had founded Svenska Kakaobolaget and became one of the pioneers of the bean-to-bar movement in Sweden. It was a crash course in cocoa varieties, fermentation, roasting, and other vital chocolate-making steps.

Making chocolate from cocoa beans is unique in Sweden, and most chocolate comes from large industrial companies in other countries. Svenska Kakaobolaget´s chocolate is made from raw ingredients sourced from handpicked growers and food artisans in Österlen. This makes Sweden the first Nordic country to make chocolates entirely from locally made chocolate – ”bean to bonbon”.

Sold under the Österlenchoklad brand, Fredrik and Ulrika control the production process from the cocoa bean in its country of origin to the finished praline. This results in Swedish quality chocolate and an incredible taste experience.

”When we were in Österlen the first time and fell in love with the area, we stayed at Örum 119” says Fredrik, ”So, of course, it felt natural and fun to work with Örum once we decided to move here…it will always be a bit special to us.”

Put simply, we at Örum 119 love chocolate. Before Svenska Kakaobolaget and Österlenchoklad, we would break a leg to get our hands on Mastbrothers artisanal chocolate, but now we don’t have to go further than our shop to find something even better.