Toyama Hamono

At Örum 119, we believe good design can make a big difference. For this reason, we only use and supply objects that meet our passion for aesthetics and our obsession for quality.

Manufactured in Sanjo in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan, Toyama Hamono sheers represent the traditional craft of blacksmithing that this region is famous for.

Since 1861 Toyama Hamono has made secateurs and shears employing methods used in crafting Japanese swords. Their production involves an extensive process that includes forging, hammering, cooling, tempering, and assembly, followed by precise adjustments. Each step is undertaken by skilled specialists. Each of these processes combines the talents of master artisans with a thorough knowledge of steel, time-honoured techniques and new technologies. It is this approach that, over time, has seen Toyama Hamono acquire a reputation for its exceptional gardening shears: ”We are by no means a big company. However, with the pride of Sōke, we continue to provide reliable products that everyone can use for a long time.”

Örum 119 is a lifestyle destination where passion for aesthetics meets an obsession for quality. Designed for general garden use, ideal for pruning small branches, flowers, and houseplants, each Toyama Hamono piece is handmade, resulting in variations and irregularities that make each piece one of a kind.